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Why you shouldn't use the word "why?"

Accentuate the positive

Are you a "Mother Hen" Manager?

Mental Health Awareness Week | The healing power of listening

Tuesday TUF Tips | Contain your own Emotional Response

Tuesday TUF Tips | How to have a great one-on-one conversation at work

Tuesday TUF Tips | Go slow to go fast

Tuesday TUF Tips | Relationships before agenda

Tuesday TUF Tips | Distance brings us closer

Tuesday TUF Tips | The Fragility of Privilege

Upcoming Workshops | Dealing with Difficult People

Tuesday TUF Tips | Listening when you are in a Position of Power

Tuesday TUF Tips | Good Listening is Better than Taking Drugs

Tuesday TUF Tips | Good Listening is Contagious!

Tuesday TUF Tips | What external influences are affecting your listening?

Tuesday TUF Tips | Listen so that others will speak

Tuesday TUF Tips | Slow Down, to Listen Well

Tuesday TUF Tips | Good Listeners Don't Get Sucked In

Tuesday TUF Tips | Monkeys on Your Back – A Trap for Caring Listeners

Tuesday TUF Tips | Listen - Don't Rescue

Tuesday TUF Tips | The Power of Listening

Tuesday TUF Tips | Step out of the Blame Game

Tuesday TUF Tips | Who's to Blame?

Tuesday TUF Tips | Blame... Don't Do it!

Tuesday TUF Tips | How do you Say Sorry?

Tuesday TUF Tips | Acknowledge the Emotion

You don't need to fight! Here's how you can switch your brain from emotional to rational.

How One Man Defused a Situation with One Very Simple Skill... 

Personal problems at work cause stress

Workplace bullying - even the word causes stress

Angry customers - the unseen hazard

Workplace stress - a health and safety issue

November 2017 Public Workshop Wellington

Three things you can do when someone asks for advice

Two keys for good relationships and customer service.

Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Say 'NO' to zero tolerance in customer service

You don't have to fight!

Computers can't do customer service...

Turning towards, against or away

Valentine's Day 2013

Weak apologies are poor customer service

Bad customer service stories

Hearing the unspoken request

It's all about YOU - the customer, Yeah Right!

Empathy stronger than gun law reform

Convincing others and handling their objections

Workplace Communication: Simple or Complex?

When people repeat themselves – listen!

They are people, not assholes

Post-earthquake training

Unhelpful workplace relationships — the Parent–Child dynamic

Survivors need to talk — we need to listen

Saying how they feel

Silence or Violence

Being heard

Excellent service requires excellent communication

Managing angry customers

Listen to your mates!

Russell Crow kicked out of pub

Giving Feedback to Colleagues

JetStar Saga Continues

JetStar Riles Passengers

Thriving Under Fire - The Book

MP told off for being angry

Our legal right to be angry

Judges Comments about Award

Becoming OK Part 2

Becoming OK

Alan Duff does a rant

Managing Emotions

Learn to deal with difficult customers, colleagues, family and friends

You probably didn't learn these skills at home, and I bet school wasn't much help either. You can develop the skills and understanding to manage the everyday emotional communication challenges through the regular postings on this blog. 

You can:

  • Access free tips to help you
  • Change the way you interact with people
  • Learn to stay calm and in control
  • Build more satisfying relationship
  • Be more relaxed in yourself
  • Enjoy your work more

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