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Three things you can do when someone asks for advice

Posted by John Faisandier on May 15, 2017 3:05:50 PM

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Topics: Drama Triangle, Emotional intelligence, Difficult Conversations, Emotional Intelligence, Emotions, EQ, Giving advice, Trust the other

Two keys for good relationships and customer service.

Posted by John Faisandier on Apr 12, 2017 4:11:04 PM

The two key things that make a successful long-term relationship and help in customer service.

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Topics: Emotional intelligence, Upset People, Difficult customers, Emotions, Relationships

Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Posted by John Faisandier on Oct 4, 2016 1:59:38 PM

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) a concept first coined by Daniel Goleman, can be learnt and improved.

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Topics: customer service, Emotional intelligence, Physical Reactions, Upset People, Difficult Conversations, Difficult customers, Emotions, Self-Care

Managing Emotions

Learn to deal with difficult customers, colleagues, family and friends

You probably didn't learn these skills at home, and I bet school wasn't much help either. You can develop the skills and understanding to manage the everyday emotional communication challenges through the regular postings on this blog. 

You can:

  • Access free tips to help you
  • Change the way you interact with people
  • Learn to stay calm and in control
  • Build more satisfying relationship
  • Be more relaxed in yourself
  • Enjoy your work more

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