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Try it! Respond to the Emotion

Posted by John Faisandier on Mar 21, 2014 12:44:58 PM

Alan did the first day of the TUF workshop and was sceptical about trying the idea of responding to the emotion when someone is upset. On the weekend between sessions he had parked his car across the driveway of the business next door to where he went shopping. When he came out the owner of the business was trying to get his vehicle in the driveway, past Alan’s car. He started shouting and swearing. Alan was taken aback at first. And then he remembered. Respond to the emotion. “I guess it must be pretty frustrating having people do this all the time. I’m really sorry.” He said to the irate business owner.
Alan was really surprised how quickly the guy cooled down. “It was almost instant,” he told me when we met for the second session. “I didn’t really believe it when you told us this last week but I can see that it really does work”.

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