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Trust your colleagues! - They run homes, clubs and much, much more

Posted by John Faisandier on Feb 7, 2019 3:06:05 PM

I have heard workers complain that their manager or colleagues do not trust them to make decisions.

It's easy for those with management positions in hierarchical organisations to be seduced into thinking that because they have a title and more pay they therefore know more about a subject.


This attitude can be a extremely demoralising for team members.

A person low on the hierarchy ladder at work can have considerable experience and authority where they manage a club or association, run a household or hold some other leadership position outside of this workplace.


Others may have held leadership positions in other organisations and for one reason or another are now simply team members without a title.

Leadership requires humility. Humility is truth.


You don’t have to know everything because you can’t.


When you are truthful about your own knowledge and ability you will be more open to learning from others, especially those in your team.

Managers who ignore the competence of their team can demoralise their staff and miss great opportunities to make life easier for themselves and have a more effective work team.

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