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Upcoming Workshops | Dealing with Difficult People

Posted by John Faisandier on Jul 31, 2018 11:30:00 AM

Register now for our upcoming workshops this August 24th and 31st.


People are ‘difficult’ because somehow they feel that what is important to them is being ignored. Their distress may come from things that have happened that day and have roots in previous events in their life, some of which are beyond their conscious awareness.

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They may communicate their distress in angry or aggressive ways as if their very life depended on it.

The Thriving Under Fire, Dealing with Difficult People workshop involves a group of up to 12 people engaging in a shared learning process, developing the skills to deal with difficult people in the workplace and everyday life.

You will learn how to respond to ‘difficult’ people when they are upset, distressed and emotional.

In the Thriving Under Fire Programme, you will build on what you already have worked out about managing challenging situations in your life.


Part of a blended learning package involving online learning and trainer lead group work, the Thriving Under Fire programme includes:

  • Pre-workshop online learning

  • Two half-day workshop sessions (9am to 1pm) held one week apart (24th and 30th August)

  • Monthly follow-up emails for 12 months following your course to reinforce what you have learnt.

  • Direct access to our Facilitators for ongoing support and troubleshooting.


$620 + GST pp

Email to register now.

Topics: Emotional intelligence, Physical Reactions, Conflict Resolution, Listening, staying calm

Managing Emotions

Learn to deal with difficult customers, colleagues, family and friends

You probably didn't learn these skills at home, and I bet school wasn't much help either. You can develop the skills and understanding to manage the everyday emotional communication challenges through the regular postings on this blog. 

You can:

  • Access free tips to help you
  • Change the way you interact with people
  • Learn to stay calm and in control
  • Build more satisfying relationship
  • Be more relaxed in yourself
  • Enjoy your work more

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